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HK Designers:

Your Ideal Partners in Asia

Job: speech writing


Thank you for your warm welcome and for the opportunity to speak with you today.  Today I would like to share with you the latest development of the Great Pearl River Delta Region in China and how we can capitalize the opportunity together.


The Great Pearl River Delta, it is sometimes called ‘The Factory of the World’, is an area consisting of 40 million people and nearly account of over 1/3 of China total import and export and lead the world in many categories of production including electronics and telecommunications, electrical appliances, furniture, gifts and premiums, textile and garments, food and beverages, toys, shoes, building materials, and so on.


Hong Kong people have had experience in this region for over 25 years, ever since the Chinese economic opening in 1979.  It started in the production side when HK took its production base and really rationalize that with the GPRD.  Today, there are thousands of factories which are run or controlled by HK companies in the region.  And by 2002, Hong Kong companies employed over 10 million in the Great Pearl River Delta region.


Within this area, we have a very clear specialization.  Hong Kong is absolutely dominant in the whole region as a service hub for management, finance, and professional services such as Design services.  When we marry that with the world class production capability in GPRD, we have made it a very dynamic economic region in China and in the world.


So, GPRD is a dynamic economic region!  Why am I telling you this?


I am sure you have noticed that the GPRD is an important manufacturing base and consumer market.  The growth is expected to continue.


CEPA, together with reforms related to the Mainland’s WTO accession, will spur further expansion in trade and investment within the GRPD, as well as accelerated integration and competition within the region.  In response to the rapid growth and changes, many companies in China have put more focus on creating their own brands and products in order to consolidate the market in China and prepare to ‘Go Global’.  It certainly creates a huge demand for sophisticated design services.


In addition to these compelling facts, the demand of Designer and Design Consultancy Service will arise as a result of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.


Let me share with you my experience of last month.  HK Design Centre co-organized an Exhibition called ‘Style Hong Kong’ with HKTDC in Guangzhou last month.  It was an exhibition for the fellows in the Design and Marketing industry to reach out to thousands of enterprises in the GPRD region.  The response was very encouraging.  Those enterprises were very keen to talk to us and leave us a lot of business enquiries.  If you were there, you would definitely be moved. 


In a nutshell, the opportunities are there for you.




Now, Let’s turn our head back to Hong Kong and HK Designers.


Hong Kong is a metropolitan that we have good international exposure and knowledge of international markets.  We adopt international standards in businesses practices.  We have a free and transparent business environment.  We have a legal system you can understand.  This is no arbitrary process and the rule of law prevails. Contracts are enforceable and our intellectual property regime protects your innovations and inventions.


As you may know, there are some risks inherent in entering Chinese Mainland markets for someone who is not very familiar with the Chinese culture and practice.   Therefore, many overseas firms would set up their regional headquarters in Hong Kong for the business activities that they perform in China to reduce the system risk.


After decades of experience working with overseas enterprises and companies in China, HK designers, on the one hand, understand the demands of overseas markets and on the other, understand the Chinese culture and the business practice of the enterprises in China.  With these experience we have, HK designers are in a perfect position to be partners for foreign companies aiming to enter the Chinese market as well as Chinese domestic companies intending to go overseas.


Since HK designers and design companies have close connections with mainland production plants and companies, and understand the culture and rules in China.  All these know-how enable us to create more value in managing and coordinating projects in China.


In simple words, we are the traditional access point for multinational companies into the Greater Pearl River Delta region, and we will continue to play a central role in the region’s development.




You may be convinced that the business opportunity in the Greater Pearl River Delta region is huge and teaming up with HK designers is more efficient to capitalize the opportunities in the GPRD region.  But, how to find a good partner in Hong Kong?


In fact, to find a good partner in Hong Kong has never been easier.  In addition to the huge database and the business matching system, HKTDC and HK Design Centre has regularly organized a lot of international design forums and Expos for you to meet potential clients and partners, such as the Innovation & Design Expo and Business of Design Week that will be held in Hong Kong in the coming November.  In a few minutes’ time, I will tell you more about the services HK Design Centre is offering.


In Hong Kong, we have a new sense of the need for a shared vision - a vision that includes Hong Kong, the GPRD and you. It is something more than a win-win situation, but a win-win-win situation.  We very much encourage you to be a part of that vision and join us a partner to take advantage of the many exciting opportunities opening up in Hong Kong and southern China in the years ahead.

Thank you very much.

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